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Campion Gavaler

Rev. Campion Gavaler, O.S.B., is a monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, Pennsylvania and co-authored, with Father Demetrius Dumm, O.S.B., The Sunday Homilies, Saint Vincent Archabbey: Cycle A; The Sunday Homilies, Saint Vincent Archabbey, Cycle B; and The Sunday Homilies, Saint Vincent Archabbey, Cycle C. The books were based on the long-running Sunday Homily column that he and Father Demetrius co-wrote of the Archabbey website, www.saintvincentarchabbey.org. 

The Sunday Homilies, Saint Vincent Archabbey, Cycle B, by Father Campion  P. Gavaler, O.S.B., and Father Demetrius R. Dumm, O.S.B., received a Catholic Press Association first place book award in the category Scripture: Popular Studies in 2015. The judges’ commentary noted:

“In this book, two fine scholars write simple, practical homily reflections for every Sunday of the Liturgical year. Each homily reflection provides a concise, insightful summary of the Gospel, obviously the fruit of years of study and contemplation of the passage! Each reflection also includes a wise life application that truly enables the Sunday Gospel to be lived in the ordinary moments of life that occur every day of the week. The insights into the human heart provided in the Life Implication section of each chapter are profound. There are no excess words, which provides an example for homilists.”

Father Campion studied at Saint Vincent Seminary and received the S.T.L. degree from Sant’ Anselmo in Rome. He taught theology at Saint Vincent College and Seminary and was visiting professor at Penn State University and Seton Hill University. He served as academic dean, provost, and acting president of Saint Vincent College.