Get the latest book from Father Donald Raila, or the latest Christmas ornament featuring the Saint Matthew, evangelist. Focus on the Eucharistic revival in a prayer niche with a stained glass panel from Brother Mark.

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Does Saint Vincent bring you joy? Well, announce your joy to the world for this holiday season with this long-sleeved, heavy duty cotton powder blue Gildan t-shirt. Artwork of the Basilica, with snowflakes coming down around it, is a great way to bring in the holiday season. Good gift idea as well.

Joy in the Life of a Follower of Saint Benedict

Donald Raila

Immediately after the culmination of Jesus’ hour (19:25-30) John provides a unique account of things that took place following Jesus’ death (19:31-34), apparently important to his audience (19:35), in which he recognizes scriptural fulfillment (19:36-37).


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